The Making of the Computer Classic Card Game

Classic Card Game		 (Demo)

The “Computer Classics Card Game” is more than a game to me: 

I came up with the idea after my boss had fired me. The success of the first edition helped me cope with the stress of unemployment. So that’s why I put in my heart and soul!

As Berlin’s Computer Game Museum is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September, we are kickstarting the second, special edition of the Computer Classics Card Game here.

Cards: Commodore 64, Apple Newton etc.

The Commodore C64 is the best-selling Personal Computer of the 80s. The first iPad The Apple Newton was not a best-seller, despite it breakthrough text recognition. Funny Design this Amiga 500 was available only in Germany and featured the autograph of a popular German music presenter.

Don’t think I am a whiner:

Today, I am actually thankful that my boss had fired me. I had different ideas, he wanted to do things his way. I was stubborn, but he was the boss. Then let me go. After all, it opened the door to one of the most creative periods of my life.A great thing about unemployment is, that you finally have all the time in the world. My life changed dramatically: No regular daily schedule ruled my life. It was probably the first time since I started school, that my life was not ruled by an hourly plan. At first, I really had no idea what to do with all that time on my hands. Everyday felt like weekend. For some weeks, I went to the pub almost all nights. But that became boring quickly.

The situation was ambiguous: There was this uncertainty. How would I continue my life? But there also was a sense of freedom. Everything was possible. But first I had to learn how to deal with it

Did i forget what to deal with too much leisure time?

Slowly, but surely something began to dawn on me: I wanted to do stuff. Preferably something cool. And I realized that no one would stop me. Then I had the epiphany: I wanted to create the Computer Classics Card Game, because I loved gaming and vintage computers. Hurray!

Da wäre so ein tolles Netz in Frankfurt mit LoRaWan genau richtig. Oder?Bitte kommentiert unten, wenn ihr da mitmachen würdet!

But there is an important downside to unemployment, which is the lack of money. So I did the math very cautiously:

  • Renting a decent camera from a friend = 50 Euro
  • Printing a small batch of the card deck =  200 Euro
  • Driving to the Vintage Computer collectors = 150 Euro
  • Hiring a friend to do the graphical work = 100 Euro
  • Sums up to: 500 Euro
  • Present funds: 0 Euro

The Solution: Crowdfunding!

Hence, I started a crowdfunding on a German platform for the first edition of the Computer Classics Card Game. My rational was simple and naïve, if I was creating something that other people liked, it would probably work out. And it did.

To my great surprise, I collected more than 6x the amount I needed.

Fast forwards 2017:

I have a decent job now and did not spend the extra money for myself. Instead, I started the local and independent Maker Faire in the Rhein-Main Area. For people who don’t know what a Maker Faire is: It’s a festival of 3D printers, drones and robots. Of course, we have vintage computers to play with as well! The Make Rhein-Main is held twice a year in Frankfurt and Germany and attracts kids and grown-ups alike. I would not be without the extra money from the first crowdfunding.

What is more, I had learnt an important lesson in life: There is more to a job than just work. I also need inspiration.

So this is why the story of the Computer Classics Card Game is a very personal matter to me. Meanwhile, the first edition of the Computer Classics Card Game has sold out. People are playing it all over Germany and I am hoping they like it.

Together with Berlin’s Computer Games Museum I am now kickstarting the Computer Classics Card Game’s second and improved edition.My promise #1: It’s an awesome card game that you’ll enjoy!My promise #2: I will ship it worldwide as soon as it’s successfully fundend.My promise #3: If there’s any money left, it will support the Maker scene.

Thanks for your support!

You’ll find it here:

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